The name alone is enough to make the hearts of almost two and a half billion Christian believers' throb. This is where it happened. This is the site of the crucifixion of Jesus, the only begotten Son of God. For the faithful, this is the holiest site in the world, the place where prayers are most powerful, and where the presence of God can be most keenly felt.
This is not, of course, because God is not equally present in every corner of our universe, or because he cannot hear our prayers wherever we might be. But the impact of passing through the narrow south transept, ascending the winding stairway up to the shadowy Golgotha, and literally touching the stone of Cavalry, where the cross on which our Lord suffered his passion was fastened, is such that the pilgrim brings himself closer to God, and more aware of both the gift with which he has been blessed and the trials he must overcome to be worthy of the love and sacrifice of our Lord. It is for that reason that millions of pilgrims and penitents flock to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher every year, each lighting a votive candle as a symbol of their faith and commitment to lead a better, godlier life. But we know that not everyone can afford to make the pilgrimage in person.

You have commitments to your families, your jobs, even to your respective churches. That is why we are offering ye faithful the chance of praying at this most holy site by proxy and receiving the candle that was lit to accompany the prayer. We know that this reminder of the Passion of Christ will help you and your loved ones draw closer to God in your daily lives – and perhaps, one day, make the pilgrimage to the Holy Land and to the sites of our Lord's Ministry.